Energy Healing Sessions

Crystalline Consciousness Technique™ (CCT) is a simple protocol that consists of combining conscious intent and energy work that is very effective for making lasting changes and enhancing our growth.  The process is powerful.  I have studied for a year with an Energy Master Healer to learn all 4 levels of CCT™ Protocol, working to the level of Advanced CCT Practitioner.  I have put my training into practice with many clients, all of whom have enjoyed the experience and its result.

“When intent is introduced in a quiet, highly coherent, energetic field then it becomes the organizing dynamic for growth…very rapidly. Growth is one of the inherent qualities of life. Without it we stagnate and fall into entropy. Healing, manifesting and transforming are all qualities of growth. ”  (quoted from the CCT website)

Single CCT Session – $90 – All that is needed from you is a willingness to create intent (I will help you with this) and a comfortable spot to rest and receive – via phone or skype.

21-day CCT Seed of Life Soul Chart Healing – $225 – Work, health, or relationship issues?  Begin to heal and balance physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies.  2 hour- long calls, the first to understand and create a powerful intention for this work, and one at the end of 21 days to wrap things up and talk about what has shifted.  Email support daily detailing the insights the Soul Chart work is revealing, and a weekly copy of the chart.  Start changing or eliminating old patterns that no longer serve your life.


I’m generally more comfortable with ‘practical’, ‘logical’ approaches to healing and supporting change, so when Deb offered her very ‘woo woo’ CCT sessions to support me in my grieving process after the loss of our daughter, I was a bit skeptical. I remember asking Deb, “Do I have to believe this stuff for it to work?” Deb graciously said no and got to work.  And she was right.

Even though I didn’t (and still don’t) understand what she was doing, it worked. The intentions I set were for my grieving to open my heart and lead me to greater connection, love, contribution and meaning, and I had significant shifts in this direction after our sessions. 

Whether it was because Deb was so good at listening and eliciting my true intentions, or, because of Deb’s calm, warm, and empathic energy, or crystalline structures shifting…. I have no idea and I don’t really care.  What matters to me is that I’m feeling more of what I want to feel and being more of the person I want to be.”
Cath Duncan, Remembering For Good

Deb brings all her gifts and talents to her work. Her innate curiosity, delightful humor, compassionate heart and down to earth common sense, all combine with her advanced studies of Crystalline  Consciousness Technique™  to create a powerful force for shifting one’s life. She has a gentle touch along with an ability to dive deep.  If you are ready to change your life, work with Deb! You will be glad you did.
Melani Marx, Advanced Energy Master, Certified Life Coach, CCT™ Teacher

I  have had two healing sessions so far  with  Deb. At first I was skeptical. I didn’t think I would feel anything or experience any changes. But I was wrong!  To my surprise, I felt better  immediately  during my first healing session. Each time, I have experienced a very real shift in my energy for the better.  Deb is a natural born healer. I highly recommend  a CCT healing session with her!  
Amy Pearson, Life Coach