Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality

I pick up my son up from college this week to bring him home for the summer…can’t wait for him to be home for 3 months!  We have missed him and have managed to see him several times during his first year away.

I made it through the first year of empty-nest…Better than I had hoped.

I realize I have a new normal – one where our son is not living under our roof –  which I think is great progress in such a short time.

But a funny thing happened during the year to help me along.  I had a true revelation right after the holidays.

I wanted a better way than texts and phone calls to stay in touch with my son.  A subtle way.  So, even though I didn’t know if he would play, I challenged him to a ‘Words With Friends’  (iPhone app) competition scrabble game.  A few days went by with no response, and I thought “Nah, he’s too busy;  he doesn’t want to play;  he’s distancing himself; he’s separating…it’s ok…(sigh).”

Then…a hit!!  And he accepted.  The game began.

It was a great game – one of my best. (I’m getting a little better at it :)).  You can chat on WWF, and I tentatively sent him a short ‘good one!’ after he scored a bunch of points, and he responded.

Then I created a high-point word, and he chatted that he was still going to beat me…ah, ha!!! The competition was on!  After I created a particularly good 54 point word, he chatted back ‘uh, maybe I won’t win!’

It was great fun. 

Sometimes days would go by before he’d play his turn.  Sometimes at least 1 WHOLE day would go by before before I’d play mine, lol!  I’d get his word late at night, sometimes in the morning…sometimes in the middle of the night (we are in the same time-zone so that told me a lot about when he went to bed!).  So even if we hadn’t skyped or texted for days, it was so nice to be ‘in touch.’  And though I ‘know’ he’s ok, this is just a little bit of confirmation that he is there.  It was fun way of knowing he’s fine and giving him TONS of space.

I didn’t even think about missing him.


I wasn’t playing with my son…not my son!  I was playing with ‘golfer72’ – my son’s WWF id is ‘golferking72’ – slight error on my part!  Who was I playing with?  Good lord…

Wait…I had created my own reality all this time…MY OWN REALITY!!!

From thinking he didn’t want to play, all the way to having a great game with him…in my own mind!  It was a beautiful thing.  It was funny.  I laughed…my husband laughed…my son laughed.  And it was SHOCKING.  THE best example I can give anyone about how we create our own truth, our own reality, our own life.  I know this to my core now.

And yes, my son truly was ok the whole time.  And now I know it even if we aren’t playing WWF’s!

By the way, golfer72 asked for a rematch.  I declined 😉 .

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A Rocky Love Affair


Little girl self-love…
Wishing for boobs, stuffing bra with Kleenex before church (getting caught!)
Thinking calves too skinny, doing exercises to build them up
Sneaking on eye makeup (getting caught!)
Crushes on boys, imagining kissing
So eager to be a teenager
Comparing, despairing

Teenage self-love…
Wishing for boobs 🙂
Hating my stomach, dieting at 13
Permanently learned the calorie count for every item of food in existence
Bikinis, Mini-skirts, Hot-pants
So eager to be an adult
Comparing, despairing

Adult self-love…
Wishing I could lose 3 pounds (THREE!!!) before wedding
Stomach not flat enough
Resigned to my boobs – no – starting to actually like
Watching the years pile on my body, wishing I was younger (already)
Comparing, despairing

Pregnant self-love
OMG – loving my stomach!
Eating for two, mindfully
Did I mention cleavage?!
In awe…no compare, no despair

Wife/Mom self-love
Gain weight
Lose weight
Love with the lights off
Wishing I was younger
Comparing, despairing

Older Woman self-love
Still a wife, still a mom
Healthy food, moderate exercise
Thankful…for my loyal body, softer, rounder…comfortably sexy
Love in daylight
Comparing to the me 10 years from now … appreciating what is
No despair

Grateful, joyous, loving, abandon