While navigating this earthly realm, it’s important – and often critical – to be your own sage, advocate, and friend.  Here’s a little help to foster that.  Make the following ‘love note to self’ your own…keep it handy and pull it out whenever necessary to get back on the path of self-loving guidance.

Dearest One,
Never sell yourself short in any aspect of your life…work, career, relationships, purpose. You are here for a reason and you are here as a gift.  You may not know all the twists and turns of how, but be curious about it, because as you live your life and look back as you live it, you will see the thread –  the sacred thread that is you – and all the meaning there is to your one wonderful life and all the lives you’ve touched over time.  You are magnificent already…just carry that forward and let it ripen.

Laugh at your mistakes, at your self-perceived failings…they are stepping stones to learning more about the real you and success in your life – as YOU define it!

Let your brain be your friend, but not your only friend!  Your beautiful brain interprets so many things for you, but it can get a little wild sometimes.  It’s not so great when it’s being its over-critical or over-analyzing self – UNLESS it’s saving you from walking down a dangerous dark alley or getting hit by a car! 

Encourage it to love you and support you, to do the things it was meant to do, like help you see, smell, hear, touch, and taste.  It is so, so smart in these ways, letting you taste the sweetness of life in food or drink or the sweaty forehead of a child…delight in the touch of a friend or a lover…relish the beauty of the sounds and sights of nature or a man-made movie…take in the scents of freshly baked bread or a bouquet of roses or glorious fresh air.

Remember, though, that it is your body that is sensing this raw data – the scent, the feel, the taste. 

Let your body be your best friend and your guide, because after all – you live this exciting and mysterious and happy and sad life through that wonderful, delightful, messy body of yours.  Treat it well, nourish it, and rest it.  Your body is the smartest part of you, and it can be great friends with your brain, allowing that brain to interpret your body’s messages, your emotions, and your soul’s essence – all of which guide you to live deeply and authentically in this world. 

Listen to your body wisdom and what it has to say to guide you – and if you do not know how to do that…learn.  It will be the most valuable tool you ever acquire.

Keep this message deep in your heart.  
Have fun, love fully (especially yourself), follow your path, and relish your own magnificent brilliance.