Today, we celebrated life…just because…….

Another long day at the hospital, from about 12:30 to 6, and it FLEW by!  (of course we had a little party…see pictures)  What is this time-warp thing that goes on with ‘hospital’ time?

Tim’s boss’s father is a doctor and came by to see Tim today and told him he looked great – which he does – and that he’s doing well.  Tim’s doctor, the lovely Marie-Christine Ngirabachu from the Congo (she has a very dark chocolatey complexion with at least 1 million braids in her hair, and she’s gorgeous, sweet, compassionate and full of info) told him he was doing great.  This made for a very upbeat morning, and it feels great to be told you are on the mend.

The last 2 days have been another marker for all of us, I think, and we were all a bit tired and low key, but this morning and afternoon, it was joking and playing and laughing…very fun – in the moment and very much present with each other.

And then the party.  The resident shaver/naked-head-massager came by in late afternoon to trump chemo and just shaved Tim’s head instead of just letting all the hair fall out everywhere – We snapped lots of pictures.

Started out with a Mohawk and we were pretty sure he needed some tattoos to go with it.  But then the whole thing came off, and he got a great scalp massage – with a promise for a foot/leg/hand massage on Friday (nice upgrade in the hospital!).

I think he looks great.  Sexy.  Cute.  And I was a little worried about that huge flat-in-the-back polish head of his being bald, but it’s delightful!  I could be a motorcycle babe on his arm when he blows this joint!  …after some appropriate tattoos, of course.

We are going to start the search for a doctor at Stanford.  Once we have one, bone marrow match test results can be sent.  Tim’s brothers are the best possibility for matches, but anyone can join the registry.  That’s a bit down the road, I think, but we truly don’t have a definitive schedule yet.  And it’s really not a bone marrow donation, but blood and stem cells…much less invasive and MUCH less painful (if any pain at all) and fewer risks.  Apparently the results are the same for adults, and they now only do actual marrow transplants with children.

Thank you, ALL of you, for your continued prayers and support.  It mean SO much.  We are so grateful and feel so held in a big container of love.


p.s.  I asked Tim, of course, if I could share all this and the pictures.  He said “Sure, of course.  This is my life now.  This is me.  I’ve never been much into social media, so why not now.”




p.p.s.  The last picture is a surprise (partial…Tim knows it happening, just hasn’t seen it) … Evan showing solidarity with his dad.  Makes my heart melt.  And now both my men are bald and handsome!

(I did say I would too…hmmm..not so sure, now, lol!  –  I don’t want to take away any of my lioness mojo!  It’s been coming in very handy!)