Jen Trulson – what can I say?  I think she is the very first person I’ve ever met that truly likes herself – unabashedly!!!   How did she get from a place of knowing her marriage is over (after months of agonizing over what she knew was true) to getting to a place of joy in herself – AND her marriage?  Brilliantly, that’s how.

She embarked on a true journey of self-discovery.  And the result is maybe not what you would expect, but it is the result that Ms. Jen Trulson, one of the most loving, yet still human, people I’ve met, attained.

It’s a journey all of us should take…whether we are contemplating divorce, or leaving a job, or wanting peace with ourselves.

Jen’s path can help you forge your own.

Thank you, Jen, so much for being so honest and transparent –  for sharing with us.

Listen to her story here.

You can contact Jen here.