Grateful and full of love for….

My man, my rock, my engineer with a heart and soul and wit, even amidst all that geeky fascination with all things technical, steady and reliable, yet surprising me when I least expect it with a new aspect of his wonderful self, who really loves me and still thinks I’m smart, wise, pretty, sexy, and desirable – I feel the same about you, love of my life.

My son, my greatest teacher, who has shown me time and time again what it means to assume the best in others, to have courage in the face of fear, to find your own way, and to love with a full heart…and who, in all of that, has managed to bring me beautifully into the fullness of being a mother. You rock in ways you cannot even be aware of yet, love of my life.

My Dad, for showing me what it means to be loyal and faithful, strong in his beliefs – and immense courage and humor facing Parkinson’s – even to the end.

My Mother, for showing me how I wanted to be as a mother, and for teaching me the glorious art of sewing.

My Mom (in-law), for showing me how, even in the midst of many sorrows life has brought her, how to maintain a loving and generous spirit, and showing me I could have a second mom.

My Father-in-law, for showing me the courage of never being too old to make major changes

My brothers, for awesome childhood memories, their love, and for their loving generosity in giving me the coffin flag at Dad’s burial service.

My brothers’ wives, and their love for me.

The entire Droz clan, the entire Aderholdt/Ackerman clan…blessed family.

My friends for life, the ones I grew up with, the ones that I met as an adult and have become like sisters, or brothers.

The best neighbors/friends ever.

So many wonderful friends from so many places that are a part of my life – some occasionally, some regularly.

All my FaceBook BFF’s, you know who you are – I feel like I’ve known some of you forever, and some of you, I have known at least a very long time.

All my new FB Friends that there is never enough time to talk to and really get to know .

All my wonderful clients throughout the years, especially the ones that have become friends, and especially the ones that allowed me to be of service (and helped me make a living).

All my mentors and teachers from both the incredible coaching community I am a part of and the community of Team Northrup.

SKYPE and the ability to talk with AND see, not only my son away at college, but many of my friends…for FREE.

Unlimited texting (wait…did I say that?!)

A warm house on a cold day, and cool house on a warm day, freedom, diversity, tolerance, change, love, compassion, the ability to say I’m sorry, the ability to learn something new every day, the ability to be able to give something back and be of service, every day.

My health. My personal growth. My awareness. My learning moments.

The ability and NEED to be thankful, every day, and finding this process has changed my life.

Life is such a gift – that we very often take for granted. People come and go, give and take, love and leave…and we get to be blessed with that entire cycle, sometimes missing it as it moves through our lives.

I hope you all take the time to raise your glasses (no matter what liquid is in them!) during this time of world-wide, culture-wide holidays and family gatherings, be in the moment, breathe through your heart and say ‘Thank You’ to all you are grateful for.