Ok, guys, peeps, you that know my fears, you that don’t…this cracked me up because it’s so ironic.

I have a fearless American friend who fell in love with Paris 2 years ago and, in her 40’s, sold everything, packed everything else, and moved to Paris ON HER OWN!!  She was rusty in French, but went to school while there and picked it up again.  She is one of my current coaching clients.  We are working on daily life issues and creative ways to help her make a good living as a speech/presentation coach so she can continue to live in her beloved city.

She’s back to blogging because of me, and actually references that fact in her blog,  http://parispleasures.blogspot.com/2010/08/pithy-me.html.  I loved it!  I’m so glad she is back at it, sharing the city she loves through a fresh-eyed-view.

And the irony?  I have YET to write my first blog post!

Another client I’m coaching has written her first blog (soon to be posted) about the ‘empty elevator’ concept I explained to her when she was reflecting about how many people are now out of her life, and how they are being replaced with her real peeps.  Yes…a BLOG!

Clients’ blogs – 2 / Deb’s blogs – 0

Well, as of right now, that has changed.

I am successfully coaching clients to do what they love, to shine their light…in public. I want to walk the talk.  I don’t want to hide anymore – well – at least not today!  And WordPress’s default blog title seems very appropriate, so I am using it for my first post.

If I am not willing to share – out loud – my ideas, my views, my joy in all my family, friends, and colleagues…my joy in L.I.F.E…because of a fear that my words may be viewed ‘unworthy’ of a blog post, how can I authentically encourage my clients to shine their light?

As someone very special once told me, “God is glad you’re here.”

And he (the universe, your higher spiritual power, whatever) is glad you are here.  I’m glad you’re here!  The world needs your gift – Now more than ever.  Think about it.  Don’t hide.

Hello World!

Clients’ blogs – 2 / Deb’s blogs – 1 🙂