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You’re here because it’s time for a change. The circumstances of your life are shifting and the old way of being in the world no longer fits.

It’s about honoring your experiences while creating pathways into a life that has more joy, more personal satisfaction, and more time to fulfill your promises to yourself.

You are ready to make commitments to seek your most authentic self.

Why wait any longer? 

About Deb

Deb Droz is a Master Coach & Mentor with a focus on life transitions for women, incorporating mind-body approaches, wellness, grief processing, and general support and mentoring as they navigate their life.

She helps women blossom by setting new boundaries and slowing down to enjoy a life that is less about the hamster wheel of doing for others and more about what lights them up.

Deb creates a safe and supportive environment for women to explore and nurture parts of themselves that have been set aside. She brings her life experience and wisdom to her overall approach to coaching.

With Deb’s kindness, practical tips, and insightful guidance, her clients are able to tap into their inner wisdom and clarity to make the important changes in their lives.


Deb also coaches and works with Coaches-in-Training through her work as the Training Program Manager at Anamsong Mind-Body Coach University and the Life Coach Training Program Manager and Instructor at The Martha Beck Institute.

Coaching & Mentoring with Deb.

You may not know exactly where you are going or what’s waiting ahead, but you can certainly begin to trust that you are ready to make more choices that serve the real and whole and resilient you . . . the you you’ve known deeply forever.

I will support you in finding peace, clarity and joy as we explore what is changing or what needs to be changed in your life.

You will learn powerful tools that will become uniquely yours – tools that will help you navigate the sometimes chaotic mix of this delicious and varied time on earth.


And if it’s not delicious, I can help you to find the ingredients to make it so.

My commitments to you:

  • To support and honor who you are, where you’ve been, AND where you want to go.
  • To help you make the changes you want to make and set positive boundaries for yourself.
  • To help you discover what lights you up.
  • To support your explorations

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My Clients
I have been blessed with the opportunity to work with Deb for the last three months, and I have to say, that my life has unfolded more in those three months than in the last 5 years!  Through her ability to utilize the gifts the universe intended her to use, she has allowed me to open the door to my authentic self, outline my path from a place of love, and to experience true freedom for the first time in my life!  She is an amazing mentor, coach and woman, and truly a divine inspiration!  I am honored and grateful for the gifts she has shared with me, and I treasure our journey together!  Thank you, Deb! Gabby Freels

Bridgeville, Delaware

Deb Droz is a wonderfully supportive, affirming coach who can breathe new life into anyone feeling stale, harried, stuck, or overburdened. With a combination of kindness, incisive knowledge, practical skill, and dauntless determination, she will lead you through any obstacle you face, and put you on a calmer, saner, happier path to your right life. Martha Beck, Ph.D.

Bestselling Author and Life Coach

I can’t say enough about Deb Droz.  When I hired her, I was feeling desperate and icky about the state of my body.  I was ready to whip it into shape and get some accountability.  I didn’t get anything like that. I got SO much more.

Through Deb’s skilled coaching, I was able to unwind some old patterns in my relationships that I was secretly angry about but afraid to look at.  That alone was worth every penny, but there was MORE!  In addition to the empathetic and compassionate space Deb held for me to be just who I am, she also gave me a whole new way to interact with food, my body, and movement.

Deb is a coach like none other – practical, compassionate, loving and wise. If you want to untangle your deepest secrets in safety and free your body and mind, Deb is your coach.

Nona Jordan

Business Yogini, The Business of Living: Body, Breath & Soul

Deb is hands down a fantastic coach.  While we worked together, she easily transitioned between business coaching and personal coaching topics with grace.  Deb is equally sophisticated, and warm, in her coaching style.  I would use her again, and I would refer her to anyone who wants clarity or just needs help getting out of their own way.  Use Deb, you won’t be disappointed. Alexis Robin

Master Life & Business Coach, Nourish Life and Business Coaching

I’m generally more comfortable with ‘practical’, ‘logical’ approaches to healing and supporting change, so when Deb offered her very ‘woo woo’ CCT sessions to support me in my grieving process after the loss of our daughter, I was a bit skeptical. I remember asking Deb, “Do I have to believe this stuff for it to work?” Deb graciously said no and got to work. And she was right.

Even though I didn’t (and still don’t) understand what she was doing, it worked. The intentions I set were for my grieving to open my heart and lead me to greater connection, love, contribution and meaning, and I had significant shifts in this direction after our sessions.

Whether it was because Deb was so good at listening and eliciting my true intentions, or, because of Deb’s calm, warm, and empathic energy, or crystalline structures shifting…. I have no idea and I don’t really care. What matters to me is that I’m feeling more of what I want to feel and being more of the person I want to be.

Cath Duncan

Grief Coach, Remembering for Good

Deb Droz has that thing you want in a coach; that open, honest, ethical, give her client’s everything she’s got thing. She walks her talk and she’s got some darn good talk. Deb guides her clients from her own deep place of knowing, personal and professional savvy, and mom-sense (just ask her about her son).  If you’re looking for a life coach with sensitivity, skill, humor, and brains, you’ve found one. Martha Jo Atkins

Master Life Coach, Helping Navigate the End of Life

Deb is WELL worth your time if you would like to get a better handle on your health and lifestyle.  I had quite a few sessions with her and she has taken me to a new level of awareness of myself.  She is very easy to talk to and always has inspiring and creative ways to better improve yourself.  She is a very positive person and is totally dedicated to helping you achieve what’s best for YOU.  I would not hesitate to call on her again if I need any help in the future! Barbara

Nashville, Tenessee

Deb is many things, but in considering a life coach I believe that honesty, kindness, and authenticity are key. Deb is honest and ethical, super gentle and kind, and she is REAL, not up on her pedestal, but right here with the rest of us.  If you are considering how a life coach might help you, contact Deb. Gina Hunt

Paris, France

Deb brings all her gifts and talents to her work. Her innate curiosity, delightful humor, compassionate heart and down to earth common sense, all combine with her advanced studies of Crystalline  Consciousness Technique™  to create a powerful force for shifting one’s life. She has a gentle touch along with an ability to dive deep.  If you are ready to change your life, work with Deb! You will be glad you did. Melani Marx

Advanced Energy Master, Certified Life Coach, CCT™ Teacher

I  have had two healing sessions so far  with  Deb. At first I was skeptical. I didn’t think I would feel anything or experience any changes. But I was wrong!  To my surprise, I felt better  immediately  during my first healing session. Each time, I have experienced a very real shift in my energy for the better.  Deb is a natural born healer. I highly recommend  a CCT healing session with her!   Amy Pearson

Life Coach

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